Strip Heaters

HD High Density Strip HeaterHD High Density Strip Heaters

The HD Strip Heater's highly compacted refractory material quickly conducts heat from the resistance wire to the sheath resulting in low internal temperatures and long heater life in the most demanding applications. Precise placement of the resistance wire provides uniform sheath temperature across the width and along the entire heated length. Terminal designs allow easy installation wiring. 3/8" thickness creates a rigid sheath for secure clamping ability. The HD Strip Heater is ideally suited for many industrial and commercial applications.

Finned HD High Density Strip HeaterFinned HD Strip Heaters

Finned HD Strip Heaters feature the same highly compressed, rugged design as HD Strip Heaters with the addition of 1-3/8" X 2" fins. Fins increase the heat transfer surface area to allow higher wattages than standard HD Strip Heaters. Rust resisting iron sheath items are standard with aluminized steel fins. Stainless steel sheath items are standard with stainless steel fins. Convection heating or processes requiring a high velocity air stream are among the many possible applications for Finned HD Strip Heaters.

Mighty-Tuff Strip Heaters

Mighty-Tuff SG Terminal Strip Heater          Mighty-Tuff SG Terminal Strip Heater          Mighty-Tuff Armor Cable Strip Heater
Mighty-Tuff SG Terminal Strip Heater          Mighty-Tuff SE Terminal Strip Heater
The Mighty-Tuff Strip Heater provides high temperatures, extreme watt densities and quick responses in applications where previously, any other type of strip heater could not be considered. Heat is transferred rapidly from the resistance element to the sheath for lower internal temperatures and long life. The thin but rugged design can produce high sheath temperatures at high watt densities. The Mighty-Tuff is versatile with the availability of widths to 6" and lengths to 42". In the most difficult application or in normal use, the Mighty-Tuff will significantly improve strip heater performance. Careful consideration in clamping strip heaters to the surface will improve heat transfer and extend heater length of service.

Mica Strip Heaters

Mica Strip Heater Type L1        Mica Strip Heater Type L2       Mica Strip Heater Type T1
                    Type L1                                                     Type L2                                    Type T1   Mica Strip Heater Type T3              Mica Strip Heater Type T3     Mica Strip Heater Type B2
              Type T2                                            Type T3                                        Type B2

Mica Strip Heater Full Case
               Mica Strip Heater Plug
                Full Case                                             Lead Modification

Versatile, efficient and economical, the Mica Strip Heater is of the same construction as the Mica Band Heater in flat design. Because of the range of dimensions and configuration possible, these units furnish even heat distribution for use in hot plates, sealing equipment, hot stamping, dies and molds and hundreds of other surface heating applications.

Channel Heaters

Channel Heater T1   Channel Heater T2   Channel Heater T3
Channel Heater T4   Channel Heater TF2   Channel Heater TL2

A nickel chromium resistance wire is strung through and supported by a ceramic core. Finely meshed refractory material is vibrated through the remaining air voids to provide good thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. The sheath is seamless stainless steel and with proper surface contact and application considerations can provide sheath temperatures to 900°F/485°C. Because of ease of installation, Ogden Channel Heaters have been used in many industrial applications, such as platens, hot plates, dies, molds, mill slots or any place surface heat is required. Figures TF2 and TF3 can be used as air heaters or in oven applications.