Process Electric Heaters
With more than fifty years of process electric heat and control experience, OGDEN can design and manufacture a complete skid mounted or packaged Process Heat and Control System for many applications in many industries. Versatility, along with very accurate process control capabilities has the popularity of electrically heated systems increasing versus larger combustion fired systems. Efficiency is superior in that the total immersion of the heat source converts all electric energy into heat energy. OGDEN Systems and Assemblies can be considered wherever large volumes are being heated or when a process requires a significant temperature rise. A combination of multiple heaters and staging controls can heat extreme quantities or volumes. State-of-the-art control system components provide extreme accuracy. Processes to be heated are not limited to liquids, but can include gasses and vapors. Process heating application requirements can be met by OGDEN with a code-stamped vessel or a skid mounted assembly consisting of heaters, vessels, pumps or blowers, meters, piping, pressure or temperature sensors and all instrumentation. In-house manufacturing of ASME coded pressure vessels and UL and cUL Listed Control Panels and other certifications including CE can be provided. Advanced design, manufacturing and testing equipment add to OGDEN's extensive capabilities to meet varied process applications.