Flameless Electric Air Heaters

Flameless Electric Air HeaterSingle Pass Quartz Tube Heaters

- As small as 0.410” OD x 5-1/4” long
Nozzle Available - 0.065” diameter outlet opening for soldering and other small target applications
Lowest Flow - 25 to 400 SCFH air flow range
Lowest Wattage - 465 watts @ 120 volts and can be adjusted lower

Flameless Electric Heater AccessoriesAccessories for Quartz Tube Heaters

Shields, Thermocouples, Replacement Quartz
Convectronics Air Heater Accessories

Metal Shell Air HeatersMetal Shell Air Heaters

These fast responding heaters deliver up to 1400°F air temperatures through a protective metal shell. The element design insures faster response, higher temperature, and longer life than any other heater of this type on the market today. Choice of five wattages up to 1250 watts. Flow rates up to 400 SCFH.
• 1/2 ” diameter 304 stainless steel body
• Copper tee with 3/8” NPT air connection
• Epoxy sealed 2 Ft. leads
• High temperature ferrous alloy element

Triple Pass Housings/Elements

Triple Pass Housing Element Flameless Electric Air Heater   Triple Pass Housing Element Flameless Electric Air Heater

Exchanger Housings - Triple pass air flow for improved efficiency and a cool outer shell. Available in 10" and 13". Elements available in 2000W - 6000W.

Triple Pass Housing Element Flameless Electric Air Heater    Triple Pass Housing Element Flameless Electric Air Heater

Triple Pass Accessories
Triple Pass Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch

Triple Pass Thermocouple Assembly

Thermocouple Assembly

Triple Pass Flare


Triple Pass Exchanger

Triple Pass Exchanger Junction Box Assembly

Triple Pass Flanged Housing
Triple Pass Flanged Housings / Elements

· Triple pass heat exchanger housing which maximizes heat transfer efficiency while maintaining cool outer shell.
· Replaceable elements with choice of wattages
· Gasket flanged inlet for strong air-tight seal.
· Pipe thread connections at both inlet and outlet ends for in-line applications.

Triple Pass Flanged Housing Element

Triple Pass Heater Three Element HousingTriple Pass Heaters: Three Element Housing

The triple pass housing causes the air to be preheated prior to flowing through the elements resulting in a more efficient heater. The outer shell remains cool to the touch, making this product user friendly.
• Triple Pass Stainless Steel Housing
• Replaceable Elements
• Choice of Wattage
• Can Be Wired Single or Three-Phase
• Built-In Thermocouple Port
• Flow Rates Up To 50 SCFM

Triple Pass Heater Three Element Housing

Open Coil Convection HeatersOpen Coil Convection Heaters

We offer the same coil configuration used in the Single Pass and Triple Pass Air Heaters as a design concept for convection heating applications in ducts and plenium chambers. This construction is stronger, more efficient and has a longer life than other types of convection heating elements. These elements are available mounted on frames as shown or as elements alone for those who use their own frames.

Open Coil Convection Heaters                       Open Coil Convection Heaters

In-Line Pipe HeaterIn-Line Pipe Heaters

The Style 007 Fluid Heater uses the same element configuration as the Single Pass and Triple Pass Heaters but in a stainless steel pipe. This construction is suited to in-line applications where pipe threads are required at both inlet and outlet ends. Electrical terminations are offered in the form of lead wires and as feedthrus rated up to 150 psi. These heaters can be used to heat substances other than air as long as the fluid is non-conductive and does not chemically react with 300 series stainless steel, silver solder, nickel, aluminum oxide or the epoxy potting material used on the leaded model. This product must be properly grounded and fused.